Which of YaoiOtaku's Crack Pairings are You?

Ever wondered what crack pairing you are? Try it now! See who two characters you like, and maybe even find some new pairings to like. EHHHHHHHHHHHHH??

WARNING. IS VERY SLASHY AND VERY YAOI-ORIENTED AND VERY HOMOEROTIC. So this is probably directed for women. You have been warned, enter if dare, yatta yatta yatta.

Created by: YaoiOtaku

  1. How do you feel about your significant other (either pretend or real?
  2. What do you generally do with your significant other?
  3. What movies do you go see together?
  4. For the girls (or those who act as the girl): Tsundere or yandere?
  5. Now for the boys: Tsundere or Yandere
  6. Who does the cleaning in your household?
  7. Who's the smart one?
  8. Are either of you good cooks?
  9. It's off the Couples' Therapy! How do you act?

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Quiz topic: Which of YaoiOtaku's Crack Pairings am I?