are you a yandere or Tsundere

Have you wondered why you are called a Tsundere or Yandere well this test will tell you which one you are,I hope you enjoy this test/quiz I have made.

You could be like me a compassionate yandere or like my friend @littledepressedpotato(subscribe to her youtube) a Tsundere. As I said before hope you enjoy.

Created by: bbisho2535
  1. Which one of these sound like you
  2. try this, if you see someone with your crush then they hug them what do you do?
  3. what do your friends describe you as
  4. whats your favorite song(from these choices)
  5. Choose an animal
  6. how is this quiz?
  7. who do you love
  8. I forgot to ask...what gender are you
  9. Age plz
  10. ready for the results?

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Quiz topic: Am I a yandere or Tsundere