Which Of Us Sisters Are You Most Like?

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Hi! Welcome to our quiz! We’re two sisters (but our names are not actually Amber and Maya sorry). We decided to make this quiz so you could discover which of us you are most like! - Amber xxx

Typings dull. So have fun on the quiz! (Ignore the next bit) bhjmfmhtfhjtfjhtftyjfytjfyjtdytjftjyfjytftyftyjfyfftytjffjyttyfjytfyftjjtyjfytjfytfytjffytjfytjjfjytftyjfytjftyfyrjcryytjf] - Maya xxx

  1. Pick a song:
  2. Pick a colour:
  3. Pick a channel:
  4. Pick a snack:
  5. Pick a Harry Potter character (Amber: my sister made us do this)
  6. You walk into a newsagent, there are so many magazines on display - which do you choose?
  7. Pick an ice cream flavour:
  8. Pick a drink:
  9. Pick a store:
  10. Pick an outfit:
  11. Lastly, did you like this quiz (btw sorry it’s a bit short)?

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Quiz topic: Which Of Us Sisters am I Most Like?