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  • Hitler was actually an atheist if not a Norse pagan. These quotes was Hitler doing what he did best, lying to obtain power. Despite Hitler's personal views on religion, he knew that his main enemies, communists, were also fervent atheists and that if he was even compared to communists, he would lose popularity. So, Hitler used religion and religious people to obtain votes and power. The fact is, we cannot trust the words of someone who continually lied to his supporters and to the world. However, we can look at what Hitler did. Hitler imprisoned many Catholic priests and Nuns. Hitler destroyed Jewish places of worship and sacred religious scrolls. Hitler arrested 700+ Protestant pastors. Hitler used religion like how he used the German people like how so many evil people warp ideas and people into monsters for their own use. Please do your research next time, instead of just pulling quotes out of context to bash religion.

    ur mom lol
  • The quotes chosen were extremely to the right or extremely to the Left there was no happy medium and due to that it tells me I'm like Adolf Hitler because I have faith, this quiz was dumb. If a quote from say Mother Theresa was used or G.K.Chesterton, or John Paul II all great writers and great thinkers I would've chosen those. Instead I was given quotes from an extreme facist, a mediocre writer and prejudice politician. I would prefer to be none of the above.

  • This test was a silly immature bash at religion. Just because someone has faith, does not mean they are a horrible person. This test was horrifically bias, and written, it seems, by someone who is completely anti faith, more so anti Christianity.

  • It's quotes people, just because he only has 3 answers and because of your religion you sound like Hitler is not his fault it's yours for being like Hitler.

  • Horrendous quiz. Only focused on religion, by no means providing adequate basis for determing what historical figure you might be.


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