Which of the Teletubbies are you most like?

Do you love the teletubbies, or did you used to???? You should take this quiz, it doesn't include the Noo-Noo or the dreaded Lion and the Bear, I'm scared of the lion and the bear!!!

I used to love the teletubbies, and I still watch it sometimes! Over the years, I've picked up on the teletubbies true personalities- so if you want to know which teletubby you are like, this is your BEST bet.

Created by: Kayleigh Harding

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  1. Which colour do you prefer?
  2. What is your ideal job?
  3. Which of these do you own?
  4. Can you fly?
  5. Which Teletubby is your FAVOURITE?
  6. Would you hit another teletubby? (i.e. like when Laa-Laa hit Po? This is not a wind-up)
  7. Have you ever said a naughty word?
  8. Where do you feel more comfortable?
  9. Which children's website do you/did you used to LOVE??!
  10. How do you say "Goodbye"?

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Quiz topic: Which of the Teletubbies am I most like?