Teletubbies vs. Monkeys

This is a completely hilarious quiz, that makes no sense at all... please do not take unless you have a sense of humour, time on your hands, and absolutely nothing left to do with your time

This is a teletubby vs monkey quiz... find out how you rate? Are you smart enough to claim the title of Monkey Master, or will you fall prey to the teletubby?

Created by: Charlie Nanner

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  1. Which Teletubby is stronger?
  2. If a Teletubby and a Chinese person were standing next to one another, which one is taller?
  3. 6 teletubbies get on a train, the train is travelling South at 45 miles per hour Leaving New Jersey. 2 Monkeys board the same train in London, accompanied by one lone Chinaman. How wet did they get crossing the atlantic?
  4. If you tattoo a teletubby and a Monkey, which one screams first?
  5. If a teletubby and a monkey were playing scrabble, would the monkey win with the word...?
  6. Which would get you buzzed faster?
  7. If a teletubby, a monkey, and Chuck Norris walk into a bar. The monkey slaps Chuck on the bum. Who beats the teletubby first?
  8. If you had to share a bed with one of the following which would you prefer?
  9. If California falls into the ocean, what percentage of the teletubby population is taken with it?
  10. How many people did it take to write this test

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