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  • Your Result: Pride 84%

    You are most guilty of pride. You consider your image more important than your personality and helping others. Pride is considered the most serious of all the deadly sins.

    53% Envy
    34% Wrath
    15% Lust
    15% Greed
    15% Sloth
    14% Gluttony

  • Which of the seven deadly sins are you?
    Your Result: Wrath 89%

    You are most guilty of wrath. You are made angry easily, and you take out your rage on just about anyone....sometimes in a violent way, which could lead to murder.

    19% Envy
    4% Lust
    4% Greed
    4% Pride
    4% Gluttony
    4% Sloth

    Lol i got this on another quiz ab this topic too

    • I am a plenty lusty guy, I must admit. But doing this quiz helped fulfill some of my frustrations, so thanks for making it!


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