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  • Your Result: Famine

    The Black Rider of Famine! He represents the consequences of man's ill-doings. (Get it? ILL? Haha, famine pun.) He carries a pair of balances, and is responsible for culling humanity late in the apocalypse. One of the two inhuman riders. Because you resemble this rider, you are probably a pessimistic, intelligent individual who is dissatisfied with the ignorance of general society. You may have a tendency to seek "the meaning of life", or a similar philosophical query. Your ideal minor stereotype is: Goth, nerd, or combination thereof Your ideal major occupation is: Author, political activist, or both

    sounds about right except for the stereotypes (considering im anit-stereotypical xD) and the occupation lolz

  • The Pale Rider of Death!(im very pale...) He represents the order underlying reality which becomes increasingly notable throughout the apocalypse, and carries a scythe.(scythes r so cool! i actuly have i in te garage...or is it te other garage...or te attic on top of te first garage or te second 1) One of the two inhuman riders.(do tey not mean ABHUMAN?)(people say im not human...tey say im from te exorcism) Because you resemble this rider, you are probably a somewhat intellectual, though not very knowledgeable, individual who feels cast out by most of society and probably seeks answers to your own identity.(which is sooo true!) Just as Death, you may end up being a tragic hero of some sort.(i sorta am...i stopped ma friend from killin himself!) Your ideal minor stereotype is: Emo, or other angst-ridden adolescent(hey!!... i know im emo u dont needa tell me!!...people now days...*tut tut tut*) Your ideal major occupation is: Reaper of souls.(cool!! -_- death ninga!! hooyaahh!!) Just kidding. Maybe...used car salesman, or something.(i actuly wanta be a binwomen or a singer or an artist or in a band...which i am!hehe n im REALY good at art N singin!)

    i tink death is so mysterious...its so sad but yet romantic. WOW!!...tis quiz is realy good...it describes me realy well!!...me a lost n lonely soul...wishin som1 would recue me for once...*sigh* ahh well! life goes on.....for now :(

  • Hmm . . . Pretty good quiz. My result is Famine. Pretty accurate (short) description of me. Fed up with humanity's ignorance and ill-doings, yup. Eh, it would be easier to say I'm more like a female Gregory House!

  • It said im conquest His name is actually Pestilence

  • Okay..


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