Which of the chipmunks is your boyfriend? (Girls only!)

Say you are one of the chipettes and you like si al or theo. You get to see witch chipmunk likes you the best and wich chipette you are most like. You can take this quiz several times too and find out all the possible answers!

The quiz is only girls becouse you are being a girl in the quiz so, ya. You start with getting out of bed and eating breakfast and then picking your outfit. The quiz will pick your chipmunk boyfriend based on your style and personality.

Created by: JeanetteChipetteFan

  1. You woke up and your mom made you som breakfest, what was it.
  2. You needed to get dressed and decided to wear
  3. You did you hair. What style
  4. You packed your backpack and thought about your favorite subjesct in school, what is it?
  5. You thought about you favorite color, what is it?
  6. You went outsid to catch the bus hoping you could sit by...
  7. You stepped ont to the bus and...
  8. You hoped that your mom packed ___________ for lunch.
  9. What did you bring to use on the bus?
  10. Did you like my quiz? (This doesn't effect your score!)

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Quiz topic: Which of the chipmunks is my boyfriend? (Girls only!)