which chipette r u???

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r u Brittany? Jeanette? Eleanor? i have taken multiple quizzes on the chipettes, and for almost every single one, I got Jeanette (well...okay...4 1 or 2 i did get Eleanor...but mostly Jeanette ;]). i hope u have a ton of fun taking my quiz, and enjoy your result!

if u want some more quizzes on the chipettes, go to quotev.com. I've taken so many chipette quizzes there! and if you want some more fun, watch the movies! there r 4 of them altogether. And afterwards, the real fun begins, when you blast the chipettes music in ur bathroom, and dance like a maniac, but only when mom isn't around :)

Created by: avery fridrichsen
  1. what is ur fave color?
  2. how do feel about food??
  3. do you like 2 dance???
  4. if a mean girl starts to bother u, how do u respond?
  5. what's ur fave hobby???
  6. fave season???
  7. fave chipmunk?
  8. fave chipette?
  9. fave movie?
  10. fave song from the squeakquel?
  11. fave song from chipwrecked?
  12. which chipette do u think you'll b?
  13. how would u describe ur personality???
  14. ok bai!

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