Which of my Species best fit you?

Hello this is a quiz with four possible outcome all based off my own fantasty world, ill make a better quiz in the future. . . . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . .. yeah. . . . . . . . . jksfednm dscbf jmndrf jsne rdgfn drzxgnfv rdgvbf szrjhf xdv drfvjn zdrjf vchjdrn fxvjb sdrbfg vhdb fxgvjbn rdfgbv rdmfbg vskerd gfvdf i needed to do that sorry. .

Created by: Abigail Phenoix

  1. Alrtighty then! Thank you for visiting this quiz, I will denfinently make a better one later on with more choices and better decrisptions, but first lets Get started!
  2. Okay okay I know you are very enthusiastic. . . . . Okay first question! - Which one of these sounds more appeling to you?
  3. Ha ha ha. . . . ha. . . ... . . - What do you like to drink?
  4. Favorite subject?
  5. Which of these Group of words best describe you?
  6. Ideal fantasty pet?
  7. Ideal place to live?
  8. Okay now for some scenarios!
  9. Lets say you are taking out the trash, you notice a small scrawny cat sniffing through the trash can, as you near it backs away slowly, however it is staring at you with hopefull eyes.
  10. Lets say you and your freind are talking in the hallway as you travel to class. She brings up how she/he hates the english teacher and you say that you dont really LIKE the math teacher. Your freind jabs your shoulder and you notice your math teacher walking by, what do you do?
  11. Alright end Scenerios! Now for the really important questions!!
  12. Lel I love doing that. . . . Alright which one of these catch phrases best suits you?
  13. Hi
  14. Okay thats it! how you like le quiz?

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