Which of My Friends Are You, or Are You Me?

Raven, Lupin, Kurama. The names of my best friends. I'm Illusen. Can you be considered to be like them? Can you be my movie stunt double? Why am I asking you these questions?

Are you like one of my friends? Are you like me? Do you like Ramen? Did you check the children? Did you take out the garba- Why am I asking you more pointless questions? Well, just take the quiz...

Created by: Illusen

  1. It's time for Gym class. How do you feel?
  2. What color is your hair and do you plan on doing anything with it?
  3. Your 'significant other's' animal would best be described as a:
  4. Now, your animal would be:
  5. Can you spare some words of wisdom?
  6. What is you past/current stalkee's alias?
  7. Favorite pattern on clothing, shoes, etc.?
  8. Which band(s) would you listen to?
  9. Your Ouran High School Host Club bishie?
  10. MySpace much?

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Quiz topic: Which of My Friends am I, or am I Me?