Which Of My Favourite SP Girls Are You?

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OKAY SO this quiz has my favourite SP girls in it!! Just take the quiz and beg that your results will be somewhat accurate. I didn't really know what I was doing with this one- so the results might be iffy!!

The possible results are Marjorine, Heidi, Wendy, Bebe, and Nichole! I was going to put Rebecca Cotswolds but I kinda forgot :( ANYWAY ENJOY THE QUIZ PLEASE HEHEH-

Created by: Brynnstic of Bryn's epic socials!!
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  2. Who's your FAVOURITE out of the main boys?
  3. Who's your FAVOURITE out of Craig's gang
  4. Choose your FAVOURITE episode out of these!
  5. Do you have a favourite background/one-time character?
  6. What is your birth month? (click next if not listed)
  7. Continuation of question 6!
  8. CHOOSE A SONG *barks*
  9. Unimportant question but: Have you watched the ENTIRE South Park series?
  10. Who do you REALLY wanna get?
  11. OKAY LAST ONE: Choose your LEAST favourite adult:

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Quiz topic: Which Of My Favourite SP Girls am I?