Which ninja are you from Lego Ninjago?

This is a quiz about which ninja best matches your personality. It’s about the show Lego Ninjago (not the Lego ninjago movie, but that is still awesome) Maybe you think you are impatient like Kai, or you just love cake like Cole, but now’s your chance to find out who you really are in this quiz.

Maybe you’ll end up getting your favorite ninja! Maybe you’ll end up getting you least favorite ninja! Who knows? (My personal favorite is Kai) I hope you enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Anna

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. So, let’s say you some stranger walks up and tells you you have elemental powers. What’s your reaction?
  3. What element would you want?
  4. What weapon would you want?
  5. Say you are found a really cool plant and you are trying to look at it, and your friend calls you for help but you know this is the only time you’ll get to look at the plant. What do you do?
  6. What Lego Ninjago villain would you least want to fight?
  7. Which ninja is your favorite?
  8. What are you most afraid of?
  9. And finally, what’s your favorite season?
  10. Just kidding! There’s one more question. Say a villain says to you, “You’re no match for me you pathetic fool” What do you do in response?”

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Quiz topic: Which ninja am I from Lego Ninjago?