The Lego Ninjago Movie Quiz

Think you have what it takes to become a true ninja master?I don't think you do(it's called reverse phsycology).Go on,try it out;I dare you to have a go!!

Do you love The Lego Ninjago Movie?Then this quiz is for you!Prove you are a true fan by getting 100%.Go on,I DARE YOU TO!!!!!!Go on,try prove me wrong!!

Created by: sukiyelloq

  1. What power does Mia have?
  2. What is the Green Ninja's name?
  3. Who was Garmadon married to?
  4. What age is Garmadon?
  5. What weapon were the ninjas trying to get to?
  6. What route did the ninjas take?
  7. What colour is Jay's ninja suit?
  8. Complete the cheer:L L O Y D HIS**......** BOO LLOYD!BOO LLOYD!BOOOOOOOOO LLOYD!!!!!!
  9. What is the cat's name?
  10. How did Garmadon gain two arms?
  11. How many limbs does Garmadon have?

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