Which Nightlight dragon fits you best?

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Because I know many people have trouble choosing only one of the adorable nightlights from HTTYD three! This quiz should give you a better idea for which one is best for you...

There are just the three results for this quiz! Each of the nightlights has an equal chance depending on what you choose! Hope you like my nightlight quiz!

Created by: ScarletSiren

  1. What kind of personality do you have?
  2. What is the first nightlight's real name?
  3. What is the name of the second nightlight?
  4. What is the third nightlight real name?
  5. Which one of the nightlights would you like to ride/have?
  6. What would you do with a dragon?
  7. What is your favorite time of day?
  8. If a dragon hunter tried to steal your dragon what would you do?
  9. Where would you you like to live?
  10. What weather would you like to ride in...

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