Which Netflix Show should you watch this weekend?

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Got nothing to do this weekend? Why don't you binge watch Netflix. These random questions will reveal which Netflix show you should watch this weekend!

Describe your dream Netflix environment, and a show that fits you and your personality will be found! Have fun and enjoy the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Tinkerbell

  1. How long are you willing to binge watch Netflix?
  2. Will you be watching with anyone?
  3. What kind of show are you up for?
  4. What snack will you be munching on?
  5. Pick a place to watch:
  6. Pick a Netflix quote:
  7. Do you want a little romance?
  8. Pick a show that's not a Netflix show:
  9. How often do you watch Netflix?
  10. Finally, last one:

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Quiz topic: Which Netflix Show should I watch this weekend?