which naruto character are you?

so,who do you picture yourself to be?a great person,someone famous?someone good?well find out now,because i'm sure everyone else wants to know too.oh and get over anything you don't like.it's just a quiz!

now embark on this quiz and find it out.seriously,just do it,you might be suprised.take a while to answer the quiestions carefully!oh,and tell your friends if you want.i don't care.enjoy the quiz!please,enjoy it.

Created by: zack
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like power?
  2. do you like to help those around you?
  3. do you stare at woman often?
  4. choose one.
  5. are you....
  6. who do you idol?
  7. what type of person are you?
  8. pick a path
  9. who's you're favorite naruto character?
  10. are you ready for the answer?

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Quiz topic: Which naruto character am I?