Which mythical creature are you?

you have been very patient in the taking of this quiz. i hope that you liked taking this quiz and that you liked your mythical creature. i will be makingmany more quizes in the near future so please, visit myspace and look for lil papoose.i'll be putting many more quizes on my profile.

which mythical are you? learn which of the first four mythical creatures you are. you could be a minotaur, satyr, harpy, or centaur in this version. although i will be making more versions to come. the more i post, the more you can take. all you have to do is go to myspace and look for lil Papoose.

Created by: Jared
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you at all in love with your gf/bf?
  2. do you like to talk smack about your exgf/exbf?
  3. have you ever thought of doing something different than what you usually do when you get a gf/bf?
  4. do you chase girl after girl just to be heartbroken?
  5. does your bf like you or love you?
  6. does your gf/bf make you do things that you don't want to do, like, get them something to eat when they are hungry or make you pay their bills?
  7. does your gf/bf complain about you a lot?
  8. have you and your gf/bf had sex?
  9. do you and your partner want kids?
  10. do you and your partner 'snuggle' a lot?

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Quiz topic: Which mythical creature am I?