Which Mythical Creature Resembles Your Persona?

I've seen a lot of quizzes around that say they compaire your personality to that of mythical creatures, But I've yet to see one I really liked, so I figured I'd make one myself.

Do you like mythical creatures? Have you ever considered becoming one. This quiz will tell you which mythical creature you are most like. There are many hundreds of mythical creatures out there, if you really want to know, so why not figure out. Have fun and answer as honestly as you can.

Created by: Caitlin of Destiny Bites
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  1. How often do you go out with your friends on the weekends?
  2. When you go to a school dance, or if you used to go to school dances you usually:
  3. If a person comes to you and tells you they like your boy/girl friend, you would react by:
  4. At school/work there's a terrible rumor going around about you, it's not at all true. You:
  5. My emotional state is usually:
  6. My Favorite type of weather is.
  7. My favorite atmosphere is:`
  8. In my spare time I like to:
  9. My fav color is ...
  10. I tend to

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Quiz topic: Which Mythical Creature Resembles my Persona?