Which My Immortal Character Are You

Which terribly horrible female from My Immortal are you? Ebony? Willow? B'loody Mary or the others? Find out soon by taking this quiz! Maybe you could bethe great Mary Sue or Brittney

My Immortal is a Harry Potter fanfic authored by Tara Gilesbie (under the pen name of "XXXbloodyrists666XXX"), with assistance from a friend named "Raven" (pen name "bloodytearz666") and an additional contribution by an anonymous "hacker". The story is infamous for its lack of quality and potential satirical purpose, along with the minor internet phenomenon of dramatic readings and interpretations. Sadly, it was the single most reviewed story on FanFiction.net and, by extension, probably the most read and talked about fanfic in existence. The story is no longer on FanFiction.net, but numerous other sites now host it.n

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. What colour is your hair?
  2. Do you have any streaks in our hair?
  3. How would you describe yourself
  4. Would you approve of have sexually intercourse in public?
  5. Is love a big thing to you in life?
  6. How do people usually describe your hair.
  7. How do you describe your own looks?
  8. What group do you put yourself in?
  9. When writing fan fiction would you change names of characters in order to change to social group you put them in?
  10. What's most likely to happen to you?
  11. Tragic past?
  12. What are you most likely to wear with a random outfit out of these?
  13. What colour/color are your eyes
  14. You see a bunch of preps. Now what?
  15. Like any bands?
  16. How do you great people?
  17. You do think your Goff---?
  18. Who do you want to be?

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