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  • Which Music Fandom Do You Belong In?
    Your Result: Black Veil Brides
    83% result

    Let me guess...you're with the BVB Army? Called it! I'm gonna tell you right off, most BVB'ers are stereotyped as emo and may think of themselves as emo, or have had issues in their past. But this builds character! Besides, I've never met a person into BVB who wasn't really cool.

    77% My Chemical Romance!
    57% Marilyn Manson!
    28% Blood on the Dance Floor!
    2% One Direction!

    wait howd I get bvb lol I only actually like 3 of their songs (so far) MCR IS THE BEST..... I love all their songs legit all the last song I listened to from them was not that kind of girl (live demo) its actually a good song tho and a good band GOD I love mcr so much

  • it's funny...
    i got Marilyn Manson but i'm obsessed with 1D

    i used to have a huge crush on Andy Sixx and i still kind of do but i just stopped listening to his music.

    i'm still into that stuff just softer versions i guess,

    like NeverShoutNever and Paramore.
    Andy's still a sexy beast though! xD

  • My chemical romance,the best band to ever exist! Gerard Way is a huge inspiration to me and that band has got me through so many hard times too. Cool quiz mate all these bands are awesome.

  • @Gamemonster I totally agree with you! #ILoveAndy

  • 87% My Chem! yass (I'm listening to I Don't Love You rn) love themm


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