Which member if the pals are you??

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The pals I'm sure are probably your fave youtubers (subscribed or not) if not why are you even here anyways as I was saying their probably your favourite youtubers.

So have you ever wondered am I mors like Denis or Alex or Sketch or Sub?? Well today your about to find out by taking this test so what are you waiting for answer the questions!!

Created by: Jelly
  1. Who's ur fave??
  2. Do you love cats??
  3. What's ur fave colour
  4. Where do u want to live??
  5. How often do you watch them??
  6. Who do u want to get??
  7. I got bored
  8. Do u like talking??
  9. Have you known a person since you were 12??
  10. .........

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Quiz topic: Which member if the pals am I??