Which Member From Paramore Is Your Match?

Thank you for taking this quiz! This quiz is to see which member of Paramore you can be matched with. Each member of Paramore is unique, but they have some similarities. They all love playing in the band and making music and supporting their fans!

Whether you're Hayley Williams (lead vocalist), Jeremy Davis, (basist), or Taylor York (the guitarist). I really do hope you have fun with this and are happy with the results! If not, I hope you enjoyed it anyway!

Created by: Megan Camden

  1. Do you like to sing?
  2. Do you play the guitar, drums, or any instrument used in Paramore music?
  3. Do you play bass?
  4. What's your gender?
  5. What music are you most into?
  6. Do you like dying your hair?
  7. Where are you most likely to be in a performance?
  8. Describe your relationship status.
  9. How old are you?
  10. Which member of Paramore do you think is your match?

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Quiz topic: Which Member From Paramore Is my Match?