Which Marauder Are You?

So, you want to be a Marauder? Are you James Potter? Are you Sirius Black? Are you Peter Pettigrew? Or are you Remus Lupin? Get ready to find out which Marauder you are.

If you are James Potter you are the father of the chosen one. If you are Sirius Black you might hate your family. If you are Peter Pettigrew don't be ashamed. If you are Remus Lupin you are like a cool Uncle.

Created by: Jason Marks

  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. What nickname would you want?
  3. What is your wand?
  4. What is your Boggart?
  5. What is your favorite spell?
  6. Who is your favorite character?
  7. Who do you love?
  8. What would you rather look like?
  9. What is your favorite quote?
  10. Who are you like if you are not a Marauder?

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Quiz topic: Which Marauder am I?