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  • Boba Fett isn't even a Mandalorian!!! He stole that armor!!!! Wtf

    • Your dumb he is one his ancient ancestor is cassus fett a mandolorian who worked on mandolore the ultimate and Dave filono the creator of most mandolorian except for jango fett and boba said George Lucas told him that boba is a mando

    • actually its you're so I think that you are dumb one, plus, in canon, he is a clone so suck it

      yes man 123789
    • Yes am a mandalorien super komado

  • revan ain't no mando, he stole the helmet and vowed not to take it off until he, a jedi, had killed the mandalorians

    yes man 123789
  • Darth Revan.... yaas XD

    The Mandalore

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