Which major Lithuanian political party you could support?

Hello! I'm glad you've decided to take this quiz. Lithuania is a multiparty parliamentary democracy, and in this quiz we will take a general look on the 10 most notable of the parties.

Although there are numerous parties, they don't represent the entire political compass. For example, if you are a socialist (especially a progressive one), you aren't likely to find anything close to you in percentage.

Created by: Lithuanian Duke
  1. What are your economic views?
  2. Opinion on Nordic Model?
  3. Civically libertarian or slightly statist?
  4. Are you a practicing Christian?
  5. Opinion on transgender people?
  6. What's your ethnicity (based on your native language)?
  7. What are your thoughts on EU?
  8. Are you an environmentalist?
  9. Would you rather have a corrupt politician you agree with or a clean one that you strongly disagree with?
  10. What is your most important value overall?

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