Which Main Ho are You?

are you a main ho? probably not, but if you were, find out which one you would be (anna h, anna y, lily, lula, kiki, or maya) here! which do you think you are?

the main hoes are very different in some ways and very similar in others. most of them like theatre and avoid sports, but a few are track junkies and avoid theatre

Created by: m

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  1. What best describes your clothing style?
  2. What is your preferred music genre?
  3. Where would you rather live?
  4. Do you do sports?
  5. What is your favorite part of theatre?
  6. Who are your friends?
  7. Pick a fave
  8. Do you like to party?
  9. On a lazy weekend, you are most likely:
  10. What food would you bring to school?

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Quiz topic: Which Main Ho am I?