Which Mahabharat character are you?

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Hieeee! I am a die-hard Mahabharat fan! So if you too are one, you gotta take my quiz. I am sorry if you find it boring but I tried my best to make it fun! So fellas stop watching Mahabharat repeat episodes and come take my quiz!:)

My name is PrincessD and I would be obliged if you took my quiz. Don't get disheartened if you get an evil character. Remember that it's just a quiz. And of course, I am a kid so I can't give you very accurate results. Please take my quiz and thanks in advance!

Created by: PrincessD
  1. Hi! My name is PrincessD. It's so good to see ya! Actually, I'm a very big fan of Mahabharat even the serial which aired on star plus but unfortunately ended:'( Ok.. let's get serious.. WHAT ELEMENT ARE YOU? (answer truthfully or else I will get 'krodhit')
  2. To be frank, I don't like to be formal. So I am making this quiz a bit a little informal. But hey! Dontcha think that quiz is useless!
  3. I would be on cloud nine I got good grades. And guess what? My exams are starting from tomorrow:( By the way, WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WOULD MAKE YOU THE HAPPIEST?
  4. I'm sorry because I have used a lot of Hindi words. But don't worry as the main question and the answer will be written in English:)
  5. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?
  6. I totally love horses! WHAT ANIMAL DO YOU LOVE?
  7. We have a lot of wishes but only some of them get fulfilled. Ok now I give you chance to get one of the things. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE FROM THESE?
  8. It's RP time! If you don't know, RP means Role Play. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN THE FOLLOWING SITUATION- you are a freshman so obviously, you will the first target of bullies. A kid starts bullying you. Being a freshman, you don't have as many friends as the bully. What will you do?
  9. Actually I have a request. Please share this quiz as much as you can and keep on sharing it till it reaches the Mahabharat actors and they come to know i'm such a big fan of them! I'm not there on any social websites so please do this for me. I know it's a strange request and i'm 1000% sure you must be thinking that i'm crazy xD In fact, even I can't believe I can be so crazy sometimes xD xD Will you do it for me?
  10. Sorry for the last question by the way.... WHICH OF THESE DO YOU VERY STRONGLY AGREE TO?
  11. Hain Katha Sangram Ki Vishva ke Kalyaan ki Dharm Adharm Aadi Anant... DO YOU KNOW THIS SONG?
  13. COMPLETE THE SENTENCE- I think that world would be a better place to live in....
  14. I have a lot of friends. In fact, I go to school not to study but just to meet my friends;) In my friend circle i'm the nerdy one. WHAT ARE YOU IN YOUR FRIEND CIRCLE?

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Quiz topic: Which Mahabharat character am I?