Do you know everything about Krishna?

Krishna... Krishna... Krishna...This quiz is everything about Krishna... How Krishna did that, why he did that... what was his great leelas for? What Krishna wants from us... When you do this quiz leave your pride, and get 100%

Do this quiz just to test how much you know about Krishna, if you get low percentage, don't get upset! You can still improve just by chanting and loving your dear Krishna!

Created by: Radhekrishna of Bhagavatha and Mahabhartham
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  1. Who is Krishna's parents?
  2. What is Krishna's favorite place to relax and do leelas?
  3. What was Krishna's pet name called by the gopis and his parents?
  4. What was the age when Krishna left Gokul?
  5. What does Krishna expect from us?
  6. Who is the one that shows us the way to Krishna?
  7. What is a guru for?
  8. Who is Krishna?
  9. What does Bhagavath Gita teaches us?
  10. Why didn't Krishna eat in Duryodharan's house, but in Vidur's house?

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Quiz topic: Do I know everything about Krishna?