Which Looking for Alaska character are you?

Looking for Alaska is a novel by John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars (LfA is better IMO). The story takes place at a boarding school full of adventure, tragedy, and true love.

So which one of the LfA characters are you? Take this test to find out! In just a couple minutes you can find out whether you're Pudge, Alaska, the Colonel, or Takumi.

Created by: A nerdfighter of NOTHING
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  1. Why'd you come to Culver Creek (the boarding school in LfA)?
  2. Family situation?
  3. Do you feel left out a lot?
  4. Feelings about snobby rich people?
  5. Where do you live (while not at boarding school)?
  6. Worst injury?
  7. "Will you get drunk with me? I'm really having a hard time."
  8. Get in trouble a lot?
  9. Do you feel depressed often?
  10. What are your feelings about precalc?
  11. My mom...
  12. My dad...
  13. Favorite pastime?

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Quiz topic: Which Looking for Alaska character am I?