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  • Always did like the Blue Lantern Corp
    Which Lantern Corps are you?
    Your Result: The Blue Lantern Corps

    The Blue Lantern Corps is made up of peaceful monks wielding rings powered by hope. The Blue Lantern Corps is an isolated group that keep to themselves but will always lend a helping hand to someone in need. You are a very optimistic person with a very hopeful attitude. Your presence is enough to turn the tide of a battle because you inspire your friends to do their best and never lose hope.

    45% The Green Lantern Corps
    37% The Sinestro Corps
    35% The Indigo Lantern Tribe
    28% The Blue Lantern Corps
    25% The Red Lantern Corps
    13% The Orange Lantern Corps
    13% The Star Sapphires

  • Which Lantern Corps are you?
    Your Result: The Red Lantern Corps 79%

    The Red Lantern Corps is made up of sadistic beings overcome by their own uncontrollable rage. Their rings are powered by the mindless anger of their wielders. You are a heartless person filled with rage. You often unleash your anger on the innocent, making you a menace to society.

    57% The Sinestro Corps
    53% The Indigo Lantern Tribe
    50% The Orange Lantern Corps
    36% The Star Sapphires
    31% The Green Lantern Corps
    21% The Blue Lantern Corps

  • The quiz was quite interesting. I was asked some questions that made me really think about who I am and can i be a better person not only now but in the future as well. I would like to say thank you the creator/s of this site for allowing the users to see who they really are and by taking this quiz I learned one or two things about myself as well. I thank you and wish you well.

    • I'm a red lantern and I'm happy with my results

  • Got blue corps, honestly I've taken give tests and so far I've gotten:

    Blue corps x 3
    Violet corps x 1
    Green corps x 1
    I can definitely see myself being blue.

    Curious Watcher
    • I got the green lantern corps,My sister got blue lantern corps,and my mom indigo tribe.

      Demon killer
    • I got 76% yellow lantern, Im happy :)


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