Which krew member are you mostly like?

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Hi again! Here's a quiz about itsfunneh and the krew, I hope you like it! I only make quizzes in my free time, so I won't be posting that much! Also this quiz isn't meant to insult anyone, so don't get offended by your result!

Itsfunneh and the krew are youtubers with different channels called Itsfunneh, Goldenglare, Paintingrainbows, Lunareclipse and Draconite dragon. If you haven't subscribed to the yet, then go ahead and hit the subscribe button!

Created by: Crystal

  1. Question 1: Hi! Ready to start the quiz?
  2. Question 2: choose a color
  3. Question 3: pick a word that describes you most
  4. Question 4: Do you have a high pitched singing voice?
  5. Question 5: You open a new survival game in Minecraft, you get resources and managed to survive your first few nights. The next day when wake you up in Minecraft, you start making a village. Few days later there are 2-3 houses with people in your village. One day you thought of building more builds in your village, but you also want to go adventuring, what do you do?
  6. Question 5: Would you rather... Have blue hair or have yellow/gold hair?
  7. Question 7: Would you rather... Be rich or be famous?
  8. Question 8: Are you sassy?
  9. Question 9: Would you prefer to be a supervillain, or superhero? [in roblox not in real life]
  10. Question 10: Finally, do you like cake?

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Quiz topic: Which krew member am I mostly like?