How "PaintingRainbows" Are You?

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Welcome to the 'How "PaintingRainbows" Are You?' Quiz! In this quiz you will pass by all sorts of funky questions, in which you'll need to answer a response to. At the end, you'll get to know how much like Rainbow/Betty from ItsFunneh you are!

I decided to play with this quiz a little, so instead of just giving random questions, I'm going to put you in situations that form a story and how you'll react towards them. Tell me in the comments how you feel about it!

Created by: KrewQuizMaker of ITSFUNNEH
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  1. Your sister, Kat, is being annoying again. She tells you, "I'm gonna take all your bobux >:)" What do you say?
  2. Mum comes in, just to see the both of you shouting and crying. Since you're the older sister, Mum listens to Kat first. You have some time to prepare your speech. What'll you tell Mum?
  3. Mum tells you that you and Kat you're gonna have to walk to school together. You're not happy, but it's too late. Mum left the room. You start to pack your things for school but Kat's still playing KREW EATS. What do you do?
  4. You two are walking to school now, and Kat's stuff drop EVERYWHERE. The wind barely helps. Kat is frantically scurrying from place to place trying to get all her stuff back, but her efforts are in vein. You think...should YOU help your BRATTY LITTLE SISTER?
  5. When you get to class, your teacher assigns everyone a partner. Your partner's name is Kim, and she seems nice. What will you do?
  6. It's Language class, and you know that you suck at Language. Kim, on the other hand, is flying through the worksheet. What do you do?
  7. It's Science class and you're great at Science! However, your partner, Kim, is struggling a bit. She asks you for help. Would you help her?
  8. Finally, recess time! You can order LOADS of food from the cafeteria. But...what would you get?
  9. It's Gym, the last period of the day. You and your partner, Kim, are STILL on the same team. But, Kim's not very good. You want to change partners. ASAP. What do you do?
  10. After school, you go and fetch Kat. You and Kim have become friends already. You realise that your Mum has come to fetch you. Would you still walk home?

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