Which girl from Tiny Rainbow's channel are you?

if you know Tiny Rainbow,then im sure you know the female ones too,take this quiz to find out which female character you are,you could be Tiny Rainbow or her friends

Go watch Tiny Rainbow's channel and sub to her,she's a very cool gachatuber,she's real funny,just go and see,make sure to comment and like her vids too

Created by: KillerDolly
  1. Fav Color?
  2. What do you like to do in your free time?
  3. what animal/creature are you?
  4. Favorite dessert?
  5. A stranger ask you to be their assistant for an experiment they're working on,what would you say?
  6. Whatever you chose,you went with the stranger,when you walked in you saw what looked like a mental hospital bed with restraints on it,as you made yourself comfortable,the stranger says"Ready for some tickles,dear?" gloved hands start to remove some of your clothing and some hands were hovering over you wiggling their fingers,you respond with....
  7. Do you like to torment people?
  8. What song do you like best
  9. Your biggest fear would have to be...
  10. Which male character do you like most from tiny's channel?

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Quiz topic: Which girl from Tiny Rainbow's channel am I?