What type of giant are you?

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Are you evil or friendly? Do you enjoy having power over people or do you use your strength for good? This quiz will explore how you behave when faced with these decisions.

Maybe you see the tiny tiny people as mere ants or you behave friendly and interact with them. Or you are middle of the ground and mind your own business, exploring the world without paying much attention to its inhabitants.

Created by: Anonymus

  1. You wake up outside and discover that you have grown to giant size. How tall are you exactly?
  2. How would you react?
  3. What would you wear?
  4. What shoes would you wear?
  5. Would you try to interact with the tiny people?
  6. Would you crush people?
  7. Would you eat people?
  8. What would your opinion of the tiny people be?
  9. Would you make them suffer?
  10. You hear a faint sound of a loudspeaker which comes from a helicopter that flies close to your ear. You realize that you are standing inside city and that you've already crushed several blocks.
  11. You encounter a group of hikers:
  12. You see a train full of people crossing your path:
  13. The train is in your hands, now what?
  14. You‘ve taken off the roof and look at the inside full of tiny people:
  15. You approach a large city with a high population, what would you do?
  16. You want to lay down, but a crowd of people is occupying the perfect spot:
  17. You approach a village, the people and houses look tiny and fragile, you would:
  18. You go swimming in the ocean and you spot a cruise ship:
  19. You use your size to take over a country. How would you accomplish that?

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Quiz topic: What type of giant am I?