Barbie: Dreamtopia Super Quiz!

Welcome to the Barbie Dreamtopia Super Quiz! The quiz that tests your knowledge on Dreamtopia and how much you know about it and the Junior Rainbow Princess are in the end play the quiz to find out what thier questions are about but don't forget the most important thing is to have fun.

This just in! The Junior Rainbow Princesses are going to do some special questions about themselves! In this quiz there will be Sparke Mountain, Sweetvile, Wispy Forest and Rainbow Cove questions! Don't forget to have fun! Ready, Steady, Dreamtopia!

Created by: Nicola
  1. What was the first episode about?
  2. Which one of these titles is not a title in the show?
  3. In Rainbow Cove there are seven Junior Rainbow Princesses and each of them have a special power. In which episode did Rainbow Cove debut in?
  4. In Wispy Forest people express themselves with thier hair! Which episode did Wispy Forest debut in?
  5. Now let's take a trip to Sparkle Mountain. In Sparkle Mountain not everything is what it seems. To elephant kings to spell books there's always something to encounter. Now tell me, which episode did Sparkle Mountain debut in?
  6. In Sweetvile everything and (excluding Chelsea, Barbie and Notto) everyone are made of something sweet! In which episode did Sweetvile debut in?
  7. Which place in Dreamtopia am I discribing? This place is filled with rainbows and working together.
  8. Which episode am I discribing? When Otto gives Chelsea a hard time about singing out loud, she goes to Rainbow Cove where she is asked by Rainbow Queen Barbie to sing in a concert for the cloud council. With the help of her friends and Barbie, Chelsea finds the confidence to sing loud and proud.
  9. Which emoji would best fit Sweetvile?
  10. Which emoji would best fit Sparkle Mountain?
  11. Which emoji would best fit Rainbow Cove?
  12. Which emoji would best fit Wispy Forest?
  13. Which Junior Rainbow Princess is the bravest?
  14. Which Junior Rainbow Princess is the kindest?
  15. Which Junior Rainbow Princess is the funniest?
  16. Which Junior Rainbow Princess is the most confident?
  17. Which Junior Rainbow Princess is the most honest?
  18. Which Junior Rainbow Princess is the friendliest and the best at flying?
  19. Which Junior Rainbow Princess is the calmest?
  20. And finally, did you enjoy this?

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