Which Krew member are you?

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A quiz of what Krew member you are. Also, happy (late) new year!! It's finally 2023. Maybe someone will see this in the future and be like: ?!?!? it's not 2023???

Krew is my favorite YouTuber, and if you haven't watched them, GO WATCH THEM AND COME BACK. Also, please notice my amazing images in the results. LET'S GET KREW TO 11M!

Created by: waffles
  1. Who's your favorite krew member?
  2. Do you consider yourself mature or immature?
  3. Are you... TRUE kf?
  4. What's your favorite ice cream flavor of the basic 3?
  5. How many subs does she have (January 21, 2023)
  6. Do you even watch itsfunneh
  7. 3 more questions!
  8. Who has pink and black hair in krew? (January 21, 2023)
  9. Who's Kat
  10. What kind of chips does Lunar hate

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Quiz topic: Which Krew member am I?