which koopaling are you

I took the time to build this quiz. It took me many times to get the questions the way I wanted. I want you to enjoy this quiz. I hope you will tell your friends.

are you good enough to take this quiz? I think you are. take it and find out!

Created by: mariah

  1. what is your favorite color?
  2. if you had to destroy the Mario brothers what would you do?
  3. if you could build a machine to take over the world what would you build?
  4. if you could do something evily special what would you do?
  5. what is your personality?
  6. what makes you different from you siblings or family?
  7. if you went to a birthday party what would you give the birthday girl or boy?
  8. if you could be crowned king or queen what would you change?
  9. if you had to make something what would you make?
  10. what would you want your hair to look like?

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Quiz topic: Which koopaling am I