How much Iggy do you have?

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There are 7 Koopalings... One of them is named Ignatius Koopa, also known as Iggy. It's not Ludwig, Morton, Roy, or Wendy... The one and only Ignatius!

Do you know a lot of Iggy? Or do you need to go back to Ignatius Class? Until now, you could only wonder. Thanks to this very awesome quiz, you will find out!!!

Created by: Lemmy

  1. What is Iggy's hair color?
  2. Who is Iggy's best friend?
  3. How old is Iggy?
  4. Which land does Iggy rule?
  5. Does Iggy have glasses?
  6. What game did the Koopalings come out in?
  7. Does Iggy love forests?
  8. Does Iggy like Roy?
  9. Is Iggy Koopa crazy?
  10. Who is Lemmy?

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Quiz topic: How much Iggy do I have?