Which Kittywing are You?

I made up a series called Kittywings, about 4 kittens who all have different personalities but are yet still besties. I am trying to celebrate our differences, so leave a comment if you’re on my team!

Are you Peyton? Kelly? Maybe Claire? Find out in my newest quiz! (I’ve never made a multi result quiz. I might’ve gotten a little confused so please don’t make fun of me or anything)

Created by: Sweetiepie2000

  1. Which would you rather do?
  2. Choose a personality style:
  3. Are you shy?
  4. Are you loud?
  5. You never forget:
  6. You are closest to (in real life):
  7. You are most likely to be __________________
  8. I _____ to my mother:
  9. I’m _____
  10. Last question: did you like the quiz? NO EFFECT

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Quiz topic: Which Kittywing am I?