Which kid from The Ohana Adventure are you?

Are you part of The TOA squad? Ever wondered which one of them you most are? Well, take this quiz to find out which of the six kids you most relate to!

Are you performing star Klai, book lover Rykel, adventurous Shae, funny Wyatt, shy Evee, or adorable Cora? Find out by answering 10 easy questions! Have fun!

Created by: Penelope

  1. What’s your opinion on reading books?
  2. How about singing?
  3. Tomboy or girly girl?
  4. Do you prefer Rachel or Jase?
  5. Opinion on shopping??
  6. Pick one of these movies:
  7. Favourite sport?
  8. You a boy or a girl?
  9. How old are you?
  10. Pls comment

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Quiz topic: Which kid from The Ohana Adventure am I?