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  • i love joe he is serious and he is more than cute he is smart,hadsome,hot,c areing, honest,fathful,i am in love with him,i love everything he dose i love the same things he dose i think me and him are meent to be toghter i am going to see him again verry soon i would go anywhere for him do anything for him i would be there for him and i would love him until the very end i would do and be where ever he wanted me to be ,i would do what ever he asked me to do,i would go to the end of the road and back just to see him i would go half way around America just to find him.

  • I would marry Miley Cyrus. She is my favourite Johnas brothur.

    I love the movei ponyo.

  • Kevin Jonas is soooooo cute!!! Well ALL of thjem really are but still......yay Jesus!

  • yAy JeSuS!!!! <3333


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