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  • yay i got nick man hes dramy omg snap out of it lol man i shoud neva do that again or il start haveing gay dreams bout him lol im funny

    razhan May 2 '10, 2:45PM
  • on most of the Jonas quizzes i got joe, but here i got nick. I like nick 2, I'm not crazy about him though.

    animals1234 Feb 20 '10, 2:41PM
  • YAY! I got nick!

    Actress97 Nov 8 '09, 7:40PM
  • Im not crazy for Jonas brothers but im not mean like my sister Mega_crazy calling them *shutters* Jonass brothers by the way i got Kevin

    Meggie Mar 20 '09, 11:31PM
  • I got Joe, too!!

    artwiz18 Feb 24 '09, 8:20PM
  • i got JOE!!!

    twilight101 Feb 9 '09, 2:38AM
  • *cries* i whanted nick i dont think kevin is best for me

    jonasluv Sep 23 '08, 4:09PM

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