Which JJBAHFTF Character Are You? (Mid-Low Tier)

I wasn't allowed to put all the characters in one quiz because this site sucks so here is the lower bracket for the character quiz, don't take this super seriously since not all options are available, there might be a high tier character for you.

If you ever didn't know what character you wanted to main, or maybe thought of trying to pick a new character to learn, this quiz will magically determine which low tier character is right for you

Created by: Semanari

  1. How much time do you want to spend playing/learning the game?
  2. Which playstyle suits you best?
  3. How should your opponent feel after playing against you
  4. Can you do a Dragon Punch?
  5. Do you like counters?
  6. What is most important to you in a character?
  7. Do you like meme characters?
  8. Sword?
  9. How important are supers to you?
  10. Do you like tandems?
  11. Why do you watch JJBA?

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Quiz topic: Which JJBAHFTF Character am I? (Mid-Low Tier)