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Hey guys, in this quiz we'll be testing you with some questions to see what hype house member are you. The members that are in the quiz are : charli, addison, dixie, noah, chase, james

Remember, in a quiz there should be only one answer and you have to be honest. At the end your results will appear. The members of the hype house might not all appear. Good luck!

Created by: Leen

  1. What do u like more : dancing or singing ?
  2. What color do u like ?
  3. What are you afraid of ?
  4. What hair do u prefer ?
  5. What body shape do u prefer ?
  6. If you were going on a date, where would u go ?
  7. What do u prefer wearing when going out with bf/gf ?
  8. If u saw your friend cheating in an exam what would you do ?
  9. What type are you ?
  10. Which attitude do u like more ?

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