¿What Game of Thrones House are You in?

What GOT house do you belong to? Your about to find out answer honestly. This quiz will take your cualities and match them to the cualities of each GOT house.

House Stark, House Lannister, House Baratheon, House Targeryen, House Tully, House Greyjoy and House Arryn, those are the Game of Thrones Houses, wich one are you in?

Created by: Ana Clau Jimenez

  1. ¿What is more Important for ypu?
  2. You and your friend are competition for a scholarship, it is very important for you to win, but your friend is the winner, ¿What would you do?
  3. On my free time I like to...
  4. If my family is in trouble I...
  5. My perfect date would have...
  6. My friend is in trouble and asks me to lie to her parents, ¿What do you do?
  7. ¿The night before your final exam what do you do?
  8. ¿What animal do you like better?
  9. ¿How would you describe yourself?
  10. ¿What would you do If your friend betrays you?

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Quiz topic: ¿What Game of Thrones House am I in?