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  • well besides the fact that im not like ANY of these losers, Chad is a def no no!!

    KingdomCatHearts Aug 15 '08, 11:35AM
  • i got gabriella cept im not really like her

    Soccerstar Aug 14 '08, 1:18PM
  • ShARPAy && i'M jUSt liKE hER && yOU WiSh tHAt tOO! =]

    MiSSKiSS303 Aug 14 '08, 10:41AM
  • Your Result: Troy Bolton

    Like troy you love sport and a really good at it also you are very sweet and now how to treat a girl also you are very loyal and have lots of friends not just one best mate!

    i love bball and my friends!

    Puppy xo1 Aug 13 '08, 6:35PM

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