Which Howrse breeding group should you be in?

Now's the time to find out where your true breeding group potential is! Will you be in the prestigious, or maybe earn a title of one of the greats? Maybe not, but if so, then you are a true howrser!

All you have to do is take this quiz! It's fun, and will tell you a lot! All you have to do is take it....it takes only a few minutes... and then you'll know for sure!

Created by: thoroughbredlovr
  1. What's your favorite Breed?
  2. Favorite Breeding group:
  3. Which breeding group do you hate with a passion?
  4. Are you on howrse every day?
  5. How often do you BLUP a horse?
  6. Do you buy passes?
  7. How many days seniority do you have?
  8. Have you heard of thorougbhredlovr?
  9. Would you be interested in joining Allegro&Soroso
  10. If your breeding group is Allegro&Soroso, message thoroughbredlovr right away!

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Quiz topic: Which Howrse breeding group should I be in?