Which House of Iris & Emil's Wizardry School Are You In?

During the Great Quarantine of 1236 a group of wizards named Iris and Emil decided to found the Iris and Emily Wizardry School. Their school came together as the result of four great people creating the foundational houses of Ula, Nightfury, Big Ear Woolly Horn, and Honeycomb.

You have been invited to attend Iris and Emil's Wizardry School. On your first day you will be asked to hold an ancient fan that as you fan yourself, will sort you into your proper house.

Created by: IrisEmil

  1. Would you rather play with lots of friends, a couple friends, or alone?
  2. Would you rather be:
  3. If you saw a bully at school, would you
  4. What award would you rather win?
  5. There is a new student, do you
  6. You come upon a villain. How do you get past them?
  7. I think school is
  8. When I grow up, I want to be
  9. My favorite subject is
  10. I want to live

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Quiz topic: Which House of Iris & Emil's Wizardry School am I In?